Pullover / 4COLORS / Delivered at the end of March 2025

¥143,000 - ¥148,500

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The sample is this combination [Size: M / Color: GRASSLAND] (Model height 170cm)
[Size: L/Color: WHISPER] (Model height 170cm)

The Aran sweater collection released last year was inspired by the scenery I saw on the Aran Islands in summer. A carpet of green that has just sprouted on the land that someone once cultivated. It was a sweater that expressed the pattern of small flowers being blown by the sea breeze. In 2024 , it will be the same pattern, but with a new look and a color lineup of Donegal Yarns, a traditional Irish wool.

The Gandhi sweater, which is the origin of the Aran knit, was knitted for men at sea, so it is logically constructed so that it can be worn both inside and out, even on dark night voyages. Paying respect to the origins of the fisherman sweater, this sweater can also be worn with either front or front. A day to wear classic Aran patterns, a day to wear white flowers. You can enjoy changing your outfit depending on your mood.

Silver foil glitters on the sleeves. At the unveiling event, it was impressive to see customers wearing pullovers looking fascinated as they moved their hands in various angles. Just like your nails, sparkling happiness is always near you at the end of your vision. It is popular because it gives you energy even when you are working at a desk.

The Aran Islands, the birthplace of Arannit, are subject to strong winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, and when people arrived here around 2500 BC, the desolate land had no soil. Aran knits have been knitted with compassion for others in the midst of life-threatening nature.

What is Aran knit? Returning to this question, I read a number of foreign books and researched the early fisherman's knits, and what caught my eye was a sweater knitted in the 1930s and housed in the National Museum of Ireland. is. Inspired by Gandhi, this sweater has a unique feature with different patterns on the front and back.


・M ¥143,000
Approximately 620g Width 50cm | Length 44cm | Sleeve length 70cm

This size is for women. The length is a little shorter than last year, and the silhouette is designed to look stylish. We also recommend layering it with a dress or high-waisted bottoms. It's not too short and hides your stomach area just right, so it's recommended for those who want a silhouette that gently hugs their body. Also suitable for men who want something smaller.
At the unveiling event, the shoes fit a variety of body types, including petite and tall people. Even if you don't usually wear short lengths, you'll want to wear this silhouette! We received positive feedback. If you wear the shirt outside like in the model photo (height 170cm), it will give you a relaxed and light look.

・L ¥148,500
Approximately 750g Width 53cm | Length 61cm | Sleeve length 75cm

The size is recommended for men. It's warm all the way to the buttocks, so it's perfect for women who prefer a loose, oversized fit. The Aran pattern is woven into the hem, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the hand-knitted pattern.



Deep ecru color. The colors of natural jewels are scattered inside. The soft yellow of a chick's feathers, the light blue of the sky at sunrise, the gentle beige of a sandy beach... When viewed from a distance, the ecru color naturally fits any outfit, but when you get closer, you'll see a landscape filled with vitality.

The standard white color for Aran knits shows off the three-dimensional Aran knitting pattern and gives you the warmth of hand-knitting. It has a classic and calm atmosphere where you want to spend some peaceful time together.


The Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) have rich timber resources and are popular for wooden construction. The colors of the walls and soil of the historic 18th century townscape that I saw at the Museum of Ethnic Life were deeply engraved in my mind. The history and culture of the area is alive and well, and by skillfully mixing grayish colors that give a sense of the passage of time, you can feel the change of seasons and the breath of nature. It reminds me of a quiet autumn landscape or a snow-covered winter landscape. A mixed beige that mysteriously fits any outfit from mode to casual.


``Look out the window. Expressing the color green is the most difficult task for me,'' said Nora, a craftsman I met at a wool factory in Ireland. Born and raised in the natural environment of Donegal, famous for its mountains and rich grasslands, the color green has a special meaning for her as a color mixer. The rural roads of Northern Ireland, the streets of Scandinavia, and the bright green colors of the coniferous trees heading into autumn that I saw with Nora were forever burned into my eyes.

The calm moss green color evokes a sense of peace and connection with nature. It is a rustic and calming color that reminds you of nostalgic scenery.


This colorful and light navy blue was inspired by the color of the sea at night as it travels from the Baltic country of Estonia to Finland. In the deep sea, the light of red lamps, the stars of the night sky, and the white foam of the waves appear. Navy blue blends together as if dancing in the sea, creating an exquisite harmony. Let your imagination run wild with the ancient Baltic Sea voyages and nocturnal adventures.

By blending two different colors of blue, green blue and purple blue, from Donegal Yarns' standard colors, we have created an even deeper original blue. It gently illuminates your winter outfit.


100% PURE MERINO WOOL (origin: Ireland)

Ireland is a traditional wool producing area. We toured the Donegal Yarns factory, which is one of the oldest wool spinning factories and continues to produce wool today. When the first mills were established in the Donegal region of northwest Ireland in the early 1800s, the wool and tweed fabrics spun in this region quickly gained a reputation for their warmth and durability, and became sought after around the world. It has a long history.

Donegal Yarn is made using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. There are even craftsmen who have worked for two generations, and wool continues to be produced by professional hands using manufacturing methods that have remained unchanged to this day. The dyeing, blending, and twisting techniques of skilled craftsmen put their passion into creating a single yarn.

Sometimes Nep of a different color than the recipe or plants brought in by the sheep are mixed into the thread, which is proof that they are aiming for zero waste. Because we value the blessings of nature and emphasize production without waste, all the wool produced during the yarn blending process in the factory is recycled into a single yarn.

The beauty of the thread, which is infused with the passion of craftsmen who value making things with their own hands and do not waste a single piece, makes you feel a connection with nature and the warmth of handiwork. This 100% wool yarn has a soft and beautiful texture, like an Aran sweater from the good old days. Sheep wool has high heat retention and durability. We have carefully selected threads that have the beauty that only comes from handicrafts, making them look as if they were spun by hand, increasing the joy of being clothed in the blessings of nature.


You can hand wash it at home with a neutral detergent. After purchase, we also undertake after-sales maintenance such as repairing frayed knits and foil stamping.


Due to handwork, individual differences in size may occur. Please enjoy the uniqueness of each piece as a handcrafted texture. Pre-order products are pre-release samples, so some specifications may change.