We recommend maintenance at home so that you can use your watch in a beautiful condition for a long time. If you have any questions about handling, please feel free to contact us.

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We offer foil repairs so that you can enjoy how the foil changes over time. The foil can be restored to its original state, but it is also recommended to change the design from gold to silver, change the design according to the passage of time and the feeling at that time, and grow it little by little. increase.

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knitted items

Wool material contains sulfur and has the property of darkening metal materials and aluminum (foil). Items with foil-stamped designs on wool materials have individual differences in how the foil changes over time, and depending on the individual differences in the sheep, some items contain a large amount of sulfur.

Therefore, we recommend maintenance twice a year before and after the season (before autumn/end of winter). By taking good care of it, you can prevent the foil from changing and keep it in a beautiful condition for a longer time.





Washing method

We recommend hand washing with a neutral detergent. The trick to care is to gently wash your hands with a neutral detergent such as emal.

- Turn it inside out and gently wash it by hand with a neutral detergent such as emal.
- Rinse thoroughly in plenty of water several times
- Put it in a net and dehydrate it in a washing machine for about 30 seconds, turn it inside out and dry it in the shade (for knitwear, lay it flat so that it does not stretch)
- Dry thoroughly and store in a well-ventilated place

・Do not use anything other than neutral detergent. ・Avoid using the washing machine on the "hand wash course" as it may cause the product to come off. ・Do not use hot water at a temperature of around 20 degrees. Please be sure to wash the item separately as it may transfer.

How to wash clothes at a dry cleaning shop

You can use petroleum-based dry cleaning, but the foil is not permanent and changes with time and chemical reactions. Therefore, YUKI FUJISAWA recommends that customers take care of it by themselves and see how it changes over time.

There is a risk that the foil will change due to differences in cleaning methods and cleaning power depending on the cleaning shop. Please use the care at the cleaning shop after understanding that.

About foil

At YUKI FUJISAWA, we perceive the aesthetics of how things change over time in different ways for each person, and one of our concepts is the ever-changing foil. Please enjoy the changes in the foil that will become familiar with you as you use it.

Foil has the property that changes occur due to time and chemical reactions. It is easy to fall off if it is rubbed or rubbed, and it becomes thinner with repeated wearing and washing.

Precautions when wearing

Ingredients such as sweat and sunscreen may cause the foil to change. Therefore, please wash immediately after wearing.

Items re-dyed from white may bleed onto other clothing. Please wear the same color as the item or a darker color for the inner and bottom when wearing it. Please be careful not to scratch the bag.

vintage material

Although we have cleaned and repaired the product, please understand that unlike a completely new product, there may be original scratches and stains. The fabric has become delicate over time, so please be careful not to pull it too hard.