Drawing the future of the story through repair and reweaving

For YUKI FUJISAWA items, we accept custom-made foil repairs and repairs for damaged items so that you can enjoy ``changing with time.''

For areas that have been damaged through regular use, we offer repairs that create a new sense of time by layering new colored foil, similar to kintsugi. If you add foil to the scratches and scratches with a new feel, the next page will be added to the story.

Because we work with our hands in our atelier, we offer repairs that will last for many years to come, not just for one season. We hope that you continue to enjoy warm moments with YUKI FUJISAWA items.


Foil maintenance, foil stamping repairs to damaged areas, frayed knits, jewelry polishing, and other repairs.

*Only YUKI FUJISAWA products purchased from authorized dealers can be accepted.

* Click here for instructions on how to take care of yourself at home.


1. Consultation – First, please let us know your request for repair using the form.

2. Estimate/Payment – ​​We will inform you of the price and completion date. If you accept the estimate, please transfer the repair fee.

3. Storage – Please send the item to the YUKI FUJISAWA atelier prepaid.

4. Repair – We carefully repair each item by hand according to its condition.

5. Delivery – We will send you the finished product. I hope we can continue to spend many years together.


Approximately 4 weeks after receiving your order
Please note that each item is hand-repaired one by one so that you can continue to use it for many years to come.



Tote bag foil repair ¥3,630

T-shirt foil repair ¥5,830

Kintsugi foil for damage 1 location ¥1,540

Knit fraying repair (small) ¥385, (large) ¥550

Tote bag handle exchange ¥6,600


We will send you an individual quote for Aran sweaters and jewelry. We will pay the shipping charges after the repair is completed. (Excluding Hokkaido, Okinawa, and some remote islands)