Foil Lace Pouch


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Liberty print pouch with YUKI FUJISAWA gold and silver foil lace. The wide gusset allows it to stand on its own, so it is also recommended as a bag-in-bag to organize the inside of a large bag. Vinyl coating is applied to the surface so that it can be used safely around water.

There are four large and small pockets on the inside, and it has a structure that makes it easy to take out small items in your daily life, such as lip balm and keys. We asked a miscellaneous goods manufacturer with a history of nearly 100 years to produce it, and we have achieved quality that can be used for a long time. The pouch, which has been carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, not only looks great, but is also comfortable to use.

I hope you can take it with you to various places on your daily outings and trips.


(1) BLUE (2) BROWN

The textile of "Strawberry Thief", which is also a representative work of William Morris. It's a fun pattern that was inspired by the memory of a strawberry being eaten by a gluttonous bird. Gold foil with a nostalgic color scheme reminiscent of the 19th century and silver foil with a chic impression are finished in colors that complement each other's charm.


The pattern of large grapes intertwined with sunflowers is a classic textile in the Art Nouveau style inspired by Morris. Silver foil quietly glitters in the uniform monotone coloring.


The flowers drawn based on the 1970s Liberty archive give a gentle impression. Colorful bright colors brightly color. It is a very exciting design that makes you feel like you are carrying a flower garden.


Width 210mm x Height 130mm × Depth 75mm


Front cotton 100% (PVC Coating), Lining 100% polyester, Made in China

*The photo is a sample, so each pattern and foil look is different. Please look forward to the one that will reach only you.