Tin Plate (S)


[Memory Pressed Tin Plate, a plate that contains memories of the race 100 years ago]

It is a surprising plate that is soft enough to be bent by hand and can be used in any shape you like. The metal called tin is an excellent material with high antibacterial properties, so it can also be used as a tableware.

YUKI FUJISAWA's treasured antique lace is modeled as it is, and the beauty of the delicate lace that has been finished over a long period of time is preserved with time.

To match this item, which was made with a craftsman who has a high level of traditional casting technology in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, it comes with a foil-stamped box made with French paper by a box craftsman from Hokuriku. I made it with all my heart so that you can use one box for a long time.

【how to use】

① We will deliver it in a straight flat state.
(2) Bend it with your hands into the desired shape. Makes a cool popping sound when turning. Please be assured that this is a sound unique to tin caused by a change in the crystal structure called "tin cry".


Available in 3 sizes that are perfect for eating tea sweets. If you use it as a tray for watches and jewelry, it will make a corner of the room sparkle as an interior decoration.

S: about 9cm x 9cm
M: about 12cm x 12cm
L: about 17cm x 17cm


Tin (purity 99.99%), foil stamping box, Made in Japan

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