Floral Happy Set


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Original floral garment inspired by plants. A 3-piece set consisting of a top, leggings and a matching drawstring bag.

If you look closely at the flower pattern, you can see bees and butterflies. Moth bite marks can be found on the leaves.

When I looked at the plants growing in my atelier, there was a small world there. It is a design born from the excitement of encountering the beauty of various lives intertwined.

Gold and silver foil is placed on the front collar and cuffs to match the two colors of the top. The foil catches the light and sparkles, making it the perfect focal point for your outfit.

Inspired by the many vintage clothes we have seen so far, we have put a lot of ingenuity into the shape so that it fits in with our lives.

Please take a look at this note about the secret story of production.

As "baby clothes for adults", we created it together with a manufacturer specializing in children's clothing so that the wearer's feelings will be softened.

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[SET contents]

・Foil print tops





A vivid pattern with a dignified blue reminiscent of Chinese ceramics. Silver foil like jewelry gives a clean and cool impression.


The subdued bluish pink and dark green are extracted from the color palette of vibrant plants. It's a mellow color with a vintage feel. Gently shining gold foil brightens up your daily life.


Tops: Width 41.5 x Length (from back of neck to hem) 65cm

Leggings: about waist 60 x pants length 98.5 cm

Bags: about 28 x 25.5 cm

(model height 162cm)


100% cotton / Made in Japan

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