Pierce / Angel Pearl+1


For baroque pearls with a strong presence, Earrings decorated with a special mini pearl . You can almost hear a lovely whisper from the angel-shaped pearls.

“It is in the process of being wounded and healed that a new joy is born and becomes a more dear existence.”

No two pearls are the same, as they are natural products, and some may have small scratches or holes. We feel that the beauty resides in the history carved into the traces and the distortedness of each. Just like the one-of-a-kind “NEW VINTAGE” that creates new value by applying dye and foil to vintage materials, small Akoya pearls are decorated where there are traces like Kintsugi.

Since it is available for one ear, please purchase 2 items if you want to make a pair of both ears . We will deliver the best combination with all our heart.


Approx. 25 x 35 mm (for one ear)


Pearl / Sterling Silver (Rhodium Plating)

With Original Pouch, Made in Japan

Pearl is a natural material, so the image is an image. Please look forward to the pearl that will reach only you.

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