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An original textile floral top inspired by plants.

Bees and butterflies happily fly around the flowers. The leaves have traces of insect bites. It is a textile born from the excitement of encountering the beauty of a small world where various lives are related.

The neck and sleeves are decorated with silver and platinum foil. The foil glitters in the light, making it the perfect focal point for your outfit.

Inspired by the vintage thermal wear we have seen so far, we have put in various ingenuity to fit in with modern life.

The length is long enough to fit in and out, and the triangular gussets on the underarms keep the sleeves clean. Finished with an elegant impression that fits well around the neck.

This is "baby clothes for adults" created in collaboration with a manufacturer specializing in baby clothes. You can read more about the production story in this note .

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reminiscent of Chinese ceramics, Dignified blue is a vivid color. The silver foil that makes you feel as if you are wearing jewelry creates a clean and calm atmosphere.


The subdued bluish pink x dark green color palette was inspired by the color palette of vibrant plants. It's a classic color with a vintage feel. Gently shining gold foil brightens up your daily life.


Width 41.5 x Length (from back of neck to hem) 65cm (model height 162cm)


100% Cotton / Made in Japan / Hand washable with neutral detergent at home

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