YUKI FUJISAWA is a textile/design label that aims to create new value in fashion through unique foil printing and dyeing methods.

Each item is finished at the designer's atelier located in Tokyo. Using on-of-a-kind vintage pieces as a medium, the hand work of foil printing and dyeing, as well as the incorporation of lace, is not something that can be replicated in a mass production line.

The designer uses special colored adhesives to apply several rounds of pressed foil to achieve a print that changes its expression as time passes. Each item beautifully ages together with its owner. We especially value this sense of depth given to a textile.

On each item, you will notice a tag that includes a record of the vintage item before its transformation as well as its production period. 

The brand also works with trusted artisans to produce new items inspired by vintage pieces, such as aran knits. 


YUKI FUJISAWA is dedicated to bringing more acceptance of "the passing of time". To this extent, we also provide a foil reprinting and repair service for our items.

It is a service we started based on the hope that each owner will cherish their one-of-a-kind item for as long as possible, embracing its transformation through time, and passing it on to future generations. 

You can read more about the production of YUKI FUJISAWA items here.



【YUKI FUJISAWA / Tokyo based design label.】

-Textile, Design direction, Artwork, Reborn vintage project ‘NEW VINTAGE’.

The designer’s work spans from her recent “NEW VINTAGE” series in which she brings new value to vintage pieces through print and dye techniques, to artwork and textile design for a wide range of corporate clients.

Designer Education:
Tama Art University -Textile Design Course
Central Saint Martins -Summer courses Knit design