Pocket LOVE Letter Cardigan / SKY BLUE / Delivered at the end of December 2024

¥93,500 - ¥99,000

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The sample is this combination [Size: L / Color: SKY BLUE / Button Natural] (Model height 156cm)

This cardigan type jacket was the most popular last year. A light and warm cardigan with a pocket shaped like a letter. The plain knitted fabric is easy to match with a variety of outfits, and you will want to take your time and admire the depth of the colors mixed with natural grains.

The fluffy and voluminous pocket actually has a secret inside ...? When you open the envelope-shaped pocket, you will find a love letter with a hand-knitted heart♡

I knitted a heart with a memory yarn that I met at a wool factory in Ireland, Nora, an old craftsman who works as a color designer, and she pulled it out from the back of her chest of drawers and handed it to me when we parted ways. Each piece contains a one-of-a-kind heart in a random color and shape. It's fun to open it and see what kind of love you'll receive. When you meet someone you like, gently hand them this heart. Please enjoy the various forms of love♡.

The pockets are decorated with new buttons, one on each side. A button engraved with a lovely, lively expression that looks like it's about to sing. The sparkling original ceramic buttons depict the moment when a girl and a sheep met, a fish with glittering scales, a gently smiling horse, and a bouquet of flowers. This year's button shape is a collaboration with Umano Hanamuke, a wood carving artist active in the mountains of Okayama. Last year, designer Fujisawa was inspired by photos taken during his travels to the Baltic countries and Scandinavia, and the scenery from his travels was expressed in 12 different patterns.

What is “Uma no Hanamuke”? In Japan, there was once a custom of pointing the horse's nose in the direction of the destination to pray for safety on the journey. From then on, the word "hanamuke" came to mean celebrating a new beginning.

``To celebrate the future of a person who is about to depart, send them off by giving them gifts and having a feast.'' This button prays and watches over the journey of each person's life as they begin their daily journey. ” ( YUKI FUJISAWA production diary /author Yume Nomura)


・M ¥93,500
Approximately 750g Width 53cm | Length 52cm | Sleeve length 74cm
This size is for women. It is compact enough to be worn under a coat while still retaining the fluffy feel of a sweater. Recommended for those looking for a silhouette that gently hugs the body. Also suitable for men who want something smaller.

・L ¥99,000
Approximately 850g Width 60cm | Length 64cm | Sleeve length 76cm
This size is recommended for men and women who prefer a loose fit. The large size can be worn by your family or partner, regardless of gender or height. The L size covers your butt, so it's warm and can be worn as if it were a coat.



"Light blue with the gentleness of the lightly cloudy sky"
Copenhagen in September. As the end of summer nears, this season feels a little lonely, but at the same time it is a quiet and beautiful time. The light of the sun occasionally shines through the slightly cloudy sky seen from a boat floating on the canal, giving it a gentle blue tinge. This light blue color is inspired by the tranquility of autumn's Scandinavian streets and the changing breath of nature.

When I tried it on at the unveiling, it went perfectly with denim. The color looks bright in the photo, but the calm blue saturation is familiar and will brighten up your winter outfit without being too shiny. This is the SKY BLUE color, which has been well received and has been praised for its mysterious and comfortable feel.


Among the original pottery buttons with different patterns, the special "Uma no Hanamuke" buttons are displayed in the left and right pockets. Please see the "Production Diary" for more details. At the ONLINE reservation event, you can choose your favorite button coloring.

・Colorful buttons are selected by the designer. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of combination it will be after it arrives.

・Pair it with the color of your natural sweater and use buttons of the same color to create a classic look. The texture and stitches of the thread, which have a beauty that can only be achieved by handiwork, stand out beautifully.


100% PURE MERINO WOOL (origin: Ireland)

Ireland is a traditional wool producing region. We toured the Donegal Yarns factory, which is one of the oldest wool spinning factories and continues to produce wool today. When the first mills were established in the Donegal region of northwest Ireland in the early 1800s, the wool and tweed fabrics spun in this region quickly gained a reputation for their warmth and durability, and became sought after around the world. It has a long history.

Donegal Yarn is made using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. There are even craftsmen who have worked for two generations, and wool continues to be produced by professional hands using manufacturing methods that have remained unchanged to this day. The dyeing, blending, and twisting techniques of skilled craftsmen put their passion into creating a single yarn.

Sometimes Nep of a different color than the recipe or plants brought in by the sheep are mixed into the thread, which is proof that they are aiming for zero waste. Because we value the blessings of nature and emphasize production without waste, all of the wool produced during the yarn blending process within the factory is recycled into a single yarn.

The beauty of the thread, which is infused with the passion of craftsmen who value making things with their own hands and do not waste a single piece, makes you feel a connection with nature and the warmth of handiwork. This 100% wool yarn has a soft and beautiful texture, like an Aran sweater from the good old days. Sheep wool has high heat retention and durability. We have carefully selected threads that have the beauty that only comes from handicrafts, making them look as if they were spun by hand, increasing the joy of being clothed in the blessings of nature.


You can hand wash it at home with a neutral detergent. We undertake after-sales maintenance to fix frayed knits after purchase.


Due to handwork, individual differences in size may occur. Please enjoy the uniqueness of each piece as a handcrafted texture. Pre-order products are pre-release samples, so some specifications may change.