Knit cap / BALTIC SEA / Delivered at the end of December 2024



This 2-way knit hat with a muffler that can also be used as a hoodie is a popular item in our knit collection every year.

We paid particular attention to the shape of the hood, which looks beautiful from any angle in 360 degrees. Gently wrap your body around your ears, neck, and back of your head. Pass the scarf through the left and right holes to create a beautiful, tight knot. The firm hold keeps you warm and protects you from the cold winds of winter. When you feel the heat in a heated room, you can quickly pull down your hat and turn it into a hoodie, which perfectly regulates your body temperature.

A lovely Aran pattern inspired by tulips blooms on the profile. We researched the style to find out where the flowers bloom to make it look more adorable when worn. This item was born from the idea of ​​the designer himself, who commutes by bicycle, saying, ``I want a warmer knit hat!''



This colorful and light navy blue was inspired by the color of the sea at night as it travels from the Baltic country of Estonia to Finland. In the deep sea, the light of red lamps, the stars of the night sky, and the white foam of the waves appear. Navy blue blends together as if dancing in the sea, creating an exquisite harmony. Let your imagination run wild with the ancient Baltic Sea voyages and nocturnal adventures.

By blending two different colors of blue, green blue and purple blue, from Donegal Yarns' standard colors, we have created an even deeper original blue. It gently illuminates your winter outfit.


100% PURE MERINO WOOL (origin: Ireland)

Ireland is a traditional wool producing area. We toured the Donegal Yarns factory, which is one of the oldest wool spinning factories and continues to produce wool today. When the first mills were established in the Donegal region of northwest Ireland in the early 1800s, the wool and tweed fabrics spun in this region quickly gained a reputation for their warmth and durability, and became sought after around the world. It has a long history.

Donegal Yarn is made using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. There are even craftsmen who have worked for two generations, and wool continues to be produced by professional hands using manufacturing methods that have remained unchanged to this day. The dyeing, blending, and twisting techniques of skilled craftsmen put their passion into creating a single yarn.

Sometimes Nep of a different color than the recipe or plants brought in by the sheep are mixed into the thread, which is proof that they are aiming for zero waste. Because we value the blessings of nature and emphasize production without waste, all of the wool produced during the yarn blending process within the factory is recycled into a single yarn.

The beauty of the thread, which is infused with the passion of craftsmen who value making things with their own hands and do not waste a single piece, makes you feel a connection with nature and the warmth of handiwork. This 100% wool yarn has a soft and beautiful texture, like an Aran sweater from the good old days. Sheep wool has high heat retention and durability. We have carefully selected threads that have the beauty that only comes from handicrafts, making them look as if they were spun by hand, increasing the joy of being clothed in the blessings of nature.


You can hand wash it at home with a neutral detergent. We undertake after-sales maintenance to fix frayed knits after purchase.


Because it is hand-knitted, there will be individual differences in size. Please enjoy the uniqueness of each piece as a handcrafted texture. Pre-order products are pre-release samples, so some specifications may change.