Pearl Ring / Eugenie [Delivered in mid-March]



This is a pre-order item that is made to order. Delivery is scheduled for mid-March 2024. Due to the limited number of rare Akoya pearls, registration will close as soon as the limited number is reached. (Reservation session period ~ January 10, 2024)

A 10K pearl ring shaped like antique lace. The elegant shine of pearls and gold gives you a sense of calm time.

Akoya pearls shaped like teardrops sparkle, giving off a nostalgic and calming atmosphere. The essence of a sparkling shine is added to the matte gold with a subdued luster. Gently decorate your hands on both daily and special occasions.

The designer selected delicate lace from his treasured lace collection, which he collected every time he visited Europe, and molded it into 10-karat gold. The imperfect beauty of lace that has been made by hand over a long period of time is unique, and no two pieces are the same. With the feeling of passing on that ephemerality to future generations, I imagine it sitting quietly in a flea market somewhere 100 years from now.

Inspired by the year of the lace, the country in which it was made, and its design, the title is inspired by the French queen Eugenie, who is said to have made colored pearls popular.

The production is supervised by Fillyjonk, a jewelry brand with a reputation for high quality, and the delicate expression of lace is precisely reproduced.

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Free (approximately #9 - #11)

When adjusting the size, please gently bend it along your finger. If you stack them together, you can use them in sizes #9 or smaller.


Akoya Pearl / K10

With Original Box Made in Japan

Since pearls are natural materials, there are individual differences. Please look forward to the pearl that will be delivered only to you. 

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