Lace Ring / Eugenie



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A new 10K pearl ring joins the series of antique lace-shaped rings .

A ray of sparkling essence is added to a matte gold with a low luster. Akoya pearls sparkle and create a nostalgic and calm atmosphere. Gently decorate your hand for daily use and special occasions.

Every time the designer visits Europe, we have selected one piece with a delicate expression from the treasured lace collection that has been collected over time.

The imperfect beauty of the handwork of lace that has been around for a long time is not the same. I designed it with the feeling of handing down that fragility to future generations. I'm imagining a scene that will quietly stand in a flea market somewhere in 100 years.

Inspired by the era, country of manufacture, and design of the lace, the title is named after a historical princess. The ring named after Eugenie, Queen of France, who is said to have popularized colored pearls, has an elegant shine of pearls and gold that makes you feel a calm time.

The jewelry brand Fillyjonk, which has a reputation for high quality, is in charge of production supervision, faithfully reproducing the delicate lace look.

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[Lace Ring]


Free (about #9 - #11)

When adjusting the size, gently bend it along your finger. If you put them together, you can use them in sizes #9 and below.


Akoya Pearl / K10

With Original Box Made in Japan

Since pearls are natural materials, there are individual differences. Please look forward to the pearl that will reach only you. 

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