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"Fragments of Quartz" earrings were born from the delicate fingertips of a hand-polished gemstone polisher. It comes in three sparkling colors: transparent crystal, deep blue aquamarine, and rose quartz, a color that resembles rose petals dissolved in water.

Crushed quartz, born from an instantaneous miracle, sparkles like the melting snow of long ago or the tears shed by living creatures.

Gemstone polishers cut raw stones and add sparkle to them, an ancient handicraft that imbues stones with light. In modern times, it is said that there are fewer than 10 craftsmen in Japan who ``cut'' and polish jewelry by hand. Kanna Oshiro, a hand-polished jewelry polisher, is the only woman among them.

The handiwork of hand-polishing is the result of a tremendous amount of time spent discovering the unique expressions of stones lying in nature and searching for the only way to make them shine in this world. One of her masterpieces, a crushed quartz piece, was created in a special shape for YUKI FUJISAWA.

In order to make the most of the brilliance of the stone, we did not use the nail clasp like regular jewelry, but created original parts and used the skills of craftsmen to clasp the stones. Drop-shaped quartz drips beneath the delicate sparkle of K10. Light gathers from all angles 360 degrees, creating a never-ending sparkle.

・Synthetic Quartz

Highly transparent artificial crystal, which is also used in quartz watches, has been polished into two parts. After crushing the lower crystal and pasting the two stones together, they are polished again. Light is emitted from the irregular cracks of the cracks, and the crystals that sit perfectly next to each other twinkle with each other's light.

・Rose Quartz

The two stones have been polished to create a pale pink color with a rose quartz on top that gently blends into the skin, and a crushed artificial crystal with high transparency, which is also used in quartz watches, on the bottom. After bonding different types of stones together, they are polished again. In the depths of the pink color, which looks like rose petals dissolved in water, you can see the shadows of the crystal.


The upper part is a highly transparent artificial crystal that is also used in quartz watches, and the lower part is made by pasting two stones together, preserving the natural expression of the mist-like inclusions found in rough aquamarine. The deep blue color of the aquamarine is illuminated in the clear crystal, making it seem as if you were looking at a lake you encountered in a dream .

`` When I opened the curtains, it shone all at once, as if all the light of the world had been gathered in its small body, and I was amazed at the delicate way it shone.The shape of the generous drops was created over a long period of time, and it was created by the process of creating stones and living creatures. It seems that the dreams and memories that she had have been poured into this Ruth.”

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Production diary “Fragments of Quartz”

Although it is designed for one ear, you can also enjoy it with a pair of both ears. If you would like a pair of both ears, please purchase 2 items on the [Delivered in March 2024] product page . We manufacture to order with a symmetrical design that beautifully pairs the sparkling angles of the crash.

Shipping within 3 business days

Approximately H26mm x W11.5mm x D9mm

(With silicone cover catch fittings/K10WG rhodium coating material)
With Original Paper Box, Made in Japan

[PRICE (one ear)]
・Synthetic Quartz (clear) ¥72,000 (tax in 79,200)
・Rose Quartz (pink) ¥78,000 (tax in 85,800)
・Aquamarine (mint green) ¥98,000 (tax in 107,800)

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