Lace Ring / Victoria


A ring in the shape of YUKI FUJISAWA's treasured antique lace. The imperfect beauty of the handwork of lace that has been around for a long time is not the same. I made it with the feeling of handing over that fragility to future generations.

I'm imagining a scene that will quietly stand in a flea market somewhere in 100 years.

Inspired by the era, country of manufacture, and design of lace, the names of historical princesses were used as titles.

A gorgeous ring that is perfect for the name of Queen Victoria, who built the most glorious era in England. The lace design, reminiscent of stained glass, sparkles over time.

The material is sterling silver that can be used for a long time while enjoying the aging by repeated care. The surface is processed to look like a white veil, and as it is rubbed in everyday life, the unique expression of silver appears.

The jewelry brand Fillyjonk, which has a reputation for high quality, is in charge of production supervision, faithfully reproducing the delicate lace look.

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[Lace Ring]


Free ( about #9 - #11 )

When adjusting the size, gently bend it along your finger. If you put them together, you can use them in sizes #9 and below.


Sterling Silver

With Original Pouch, Made in Japan

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