Pierce / Star Pearl 1st star



[Star Pearl] earrings with the theme of the stars that twinkle in the night sky . Earrings made from Akoya pearls. There are 3 types of designs with different baroque pearl shapes . A pair of pearls with different grains for both ears will make your ears look like a celestial map.

One day, I came across an Akoya pearl with a mysterious silhouette. They have tail fins reminiscent of comets, and they look like twins with twinkling grains cuddling up ... Each pearl had its own unique beauty.

When I put it on the indigo-dyed fabric and looked at it, wondering what kind of jewelry I should make, the pearls seemed to sparkle in my hand, just like stars shining in the night sky.

A star that seems unreachable, but has been a light in the dark nights and has watched over us since ancient times. It has shone in the eyes of people. "May I stand by you as a guidepost to watch over you..." With that thought in mind, I made Akoya pearls into earrings.

Since it is available for one ear, please purchase 2 items if you want to make a pair of both ears . We will deliver the best combination with all our heart.


1st star|¥6,600 (for one ear)

Pearl about 10×8 mm

2nd star | ¥8,800 (for one ear)

Twin pearl about 15×8 mm

4th star| ¥13,200 (for one ear)

Twin Pearl + Twin Pearl Approx. 24 x 15 mm


Akoya Pearl / Sterling Silver (Rhodium Plating)

With Original Pouch, Made in Japan

Pearl is a natural material, so the image is an image. Please look forward to the one that will reach only you.

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