Pierce / Star Pearl 1st star


[Star Pearl] earrings with the theme of twinkling stars in the night sky .  Akoya pearls are made into earrings. Three types of designs with different shapes of baroque pearls . Pairing different pearls on each ear will make your ears look like an astronomical map.

One day, I came across Akoya Pearl with a mysterious silhouette. They have tail fins reminiscent of comets, and the way the glittering grains sit close together make them look like twins ... Each pearl had a unique beauty.

Now, as I placed the pearls on the indigo-dyed cloth and looked at them, wondering what kind of jewelry to make, the pearls seemed to sparkle and speak to me in my hands, just like the stars in the night sky.

A star that seems like it can't be reached, but since ancient times, it has become a light in the dark night and has continued to watch over us. It has been shining in the eyes of people. ``May I be your guide to watch over you and stay close to you.'' With this in mind, we have made Akoya pearls into earrings.

Since it is available for one ear, if you want a pair for both ears, please purchase two items. We will bring you the best combinations with all our heart.


1st star
Baroque pearl diameter approx. 9mm

2nd star
Twin baroque pearl approx. 15×8mm

4th star
2 twin baroque pearls approx. 24×15mm


Akoya Pearl/Sterling Silver (Rhodium Plating)
With Original Box/ Made in Japan
Since pearls are a natural material, the image is for illustrative purposes only. Please look forward to the one that will arrive just for you.

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