Knit scarf | WHITE


"Powder snow". The design is based on the image of a sparkling winter landscape with snow falling on the trees. By layering the foil in gradation, it shines in various expressions depending on the angle of the light.

If you wrap it tightly twice, the foil will sparkle around your face, giving it a gorgeous impression. Leave it on for a long time to create a clean and calm atmosphere. It is a muffler that you want to enjoy with your daily coordination.

The Aran pattern has an infinite number of patterns, all of which are beautiful and rich in variations. I thought about it carefully based on the old vintages and books that I keep in my atelier as materials. By making the Alane pattern asymmetrical, it creates a modern atmosphere in a classical calmness.

Mittens and mufflers have a matching diamond pattern, so you can coordinate and use them together.


Scheduled to be delivered in December 2022



Natural unbleached sheep color. The nostalgic and calm atmosphere is treated with a gradation of foil from gold to platinum.


I mix two colors of navy like indigo dyeing with shades. By knitting threads that have been dyed in slightly different tones together, we have created a deep navy that seems to emit light from the inside.


wool 100%

A 100% wool yarn with a rustic yet beautiful texture like an old-fashioned Aran sweater. I was inspired by the hand-spun yarn I encountered when I first visited the Aran Islands, the birthplace of Aran knit.

In the Aran Islands, each family has a history of raising sheep and spinning wool. Inspired by the encounter in the Aran Islands, the place of origin, we have selected threads that have the imperfect beauty of handwork, as if they were spun by hand.

Because it is 100% natural wool, it has high heat retention. For those with sensitive skin who are concerned about the comfort of the muffler, it is safe to enjoy it with a turtleneck.

Because the charm of the texture is kept as it is, it has a slight wool-like scent. It is a mix of plant seeds and wood chips brought by sheep, as well as wool of different sheep colors. Please understand in advance as the charm of nature.


About length 172 cm / width 17 cm


Hand washable with neutral detergent at home


hand knit/foil print/original aran pattern

Individual differences in foil expression and size may occur. Please understand that it is a texture unique to handcraft. The photo is a sample and some patterns may be changed.