Ear Cuff / Star Pearl



This is a [Star Pearl] ear cuff with the theme of the stars twinkling in the night sky . Inspired by a shooting star, the motif is a rare twin pearl.

Encountering a baroque pearl with a unique appearance is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, just like vintage. Because pearls are natural products, their colors and shapes show their individuality depending on the year they were born.

One day, I came across an Akoya pearl with a mysterious silhouette. They have tail fins reminiscent of comets, and twinkling grains that look like twins... Each pearl had its own unique beauty.

When I put it on the indigo-dyed fabric and looked at it, wondering what kind of jewelry I should make, the pearls seemed to sparkle in my hand, just like stars shining in the night sky.

Ear cuffs with a strong presence will brighten you up in a variety of situations, as an accent that adds a touch of glamor to a special outfit, or as a point of casual everyday wear.

The ear cuffs are made of tin, a metal that can be bent with your fingers and shaped to your liking. It fits securely along the shape of the ear and gently conforms to the body.

The pierced earrings series of the same collection is this

[Pierce / Star Pearl]


Approx. 45 x 18 mm|Available for one ear


Akoya Pearl / Tin ( Nickel-Free, Urethane Coating )

With Original Pouch

Made in Japan

Pearl is a natural material, so the image is an image. Please look forward to the pearl that will reach only you.

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