6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

"Behind the scenes of shooting with Ayano Kaneko and Wahei Kimura" Alan knit production diary (October)

STORY | 2019/11/19

We chose “Shinjuku no Me” as our meeting place. Singer-songwriter Ayano Kaneko was the first to arrive, and the whiteness of her sneakers stood out. When asked, he said that he had worn the most ragged shoes and bought new sneakers. I had the old shoes taken from the store and replaced them with the sneakers I just bought. The lyrics of her song "Togaru" suddenly came to mind.

Today is the day of the visual shoot for the new Aran Knit. The model is Ayano Kaneko, and the photographer is Wahei Kimura.

"I call him 'Kazuherin,' but when he was a teenager, he was very fond of fashion, and that's the nickname he used when he used to go to Harajuku. When I was still a student, We got to know each other." That's how Yuki introduced Mr. Wahei.

“Kazuherin has been taking pictures since then, and she often visits our exhibitions. So, this spring, we held an exhibition called “1000 Memories of Memory Shop” at Omotesando ROCKET. One day, she came with Ayano-chan and introduced me as 'Singer Kaneko Ayano-san'."

Yuki's first impression of Ayano was that she was a "pretty girl". He listened to the sound source immediately and fell in love with it.

“The other day, I went to see your solo concert at Shibuya Sakura Hall, and even if you were standing in such a large hall, you could feel the human Kaneko Ayano being conveyed to the audience. , I think people usually try to hide it from others.It's difficult to stay the way you are, and you want to show yourself well.But Ayano-chan will hit you as you are.

The shooting of this day started from "Shinjuku no Me". When I went up to the ground, the Shinjuku Subaru Building had disappeared. What will happen to “Shinjuku no Me” in the future?

"Right now, it's only 17 degrees Celsius!" Ayano exclaimed when she saw the Daikin thermometer on the roof of the Odakyu department store. It was reported that the day was suddenly cold and the first frost was observed in Hokkaido. Knit season is finally approaching.

“The first time I saw Yuki-san’s work in person was when I saw Mum and Gypsy’s “Mieruwa” stage play.” That's what Ayano-san said while illuminating the knit she wore. “At that time, the outfit that Yuki-san made was by far the cutest, and I thought it was the best. So, when I met her in Harajuku for the first time, I bought a T-shirt and used it as her live outfit. When I did a one-man live at Shibuya Sakura Hall the other day, I had a dress made for me.”

Walk around Shinjuku while taking pictures, enter the famous music cafe "Ramble", and order dry curry and chicken rice.

"Bob, you look good." Yuki-san said while staring at Ayano-san's hair.

"It was good. Everyone said, 'I'm glad I cut it,' so I'm happy," said Ayano.

"It's so much easier with a bob. It's also quicker to dry your hair."

"It's so easy, I'm still impressed. It makes me want to take a bath. I really want to show my forehead, but my forehead is Fuji and my eyebrows are too strong, so I'm brave. I cut my bangs short the other day. , It's too strong, so it's better to have this length to stabilize your mind."

The two exchanged such words while stuffing their cheeks with the dry curry that had been brought to them. Mr. Wahei, who has longer hair than anyone else, occasionally releases the shutter. If it weren't for that sound, time would flow so calmly that it would be easy to forget that today was a visual shoot.

Every time she created a work, Yuki has taken a visual shoot. YUKI FUJISAWA's "NEW VINTAGE" series is all one-of-a-kind, but image visuals are indispensable in the world of fashion. However, he hasn't done a visual shoot recently, and this is the first time in a long time.

“In this day and age, visuals are rapidly flowing, so I thought that even if I created an image visual, it would end up being consumed on the spot.” After leaving the coffee shop, Yuki-san told me this on the way to the station.

“However, recently I have been thinking a lot about the importance of fashion photography. There is more room for imagination, so I thought it was necessary to appeal visually.At that time, when I saw Ayano-chan wearing it, it looked really good, and above all, she herself was a song. I thought that there was something in common with YUKI FUJISAWA's work in the way he cherishes the little sparkles of his daily life, so I decided to ask Ayano-chan to be my model."

It was decided at the same time to use Ayano Kaneko as a model and ask Wahei Kimura to shoot. Wahei has continued to take pictures of Ayano, and has also collaborated on the artwork for Ayano's recent releases.

“The Ayano-chan that Kazuherin recorded is outstandingly good, so I decided to ask the two of them. However, it was decided that we should take the time to take pictures of Ayano-chan, as if we were always taking pictures of Ayano-chan.When we exchanged opinions, all three of us thought so! I thought that I could only draw on , so I decided to entrust the knit.”

This is the first time that I have entrusted a knitwear and asked for a visual shoot. When shooting, if you don't leave things up to the photographer, it won't go well. That's why, until now, I've always been present at the shooting, and there was always a sense of tension on the set, but this time I thought I'd entrust everything to the two of them.

“In this way, I started to write Alan knit production diaries, and I became very aware that this year’s knit is the knit of 2019. Kazuherin keeps a record of Ayano-chan moment by moment. However, in the same way, I would like you to take a photo of the knit that existed in 2019. As I make something every day, my feelings change little by little, and I can only take pictures in this year. I wanted to record things that don't exist and places that will disappear someday."

From Shinjuku Station, take the Chuo Line to Kichijoji. Mr. Wahei told me that many of the shots up to this point were taken in Kichijoji. He said, "I wanted to make it feel like you're wearing YUKI FUJISAWA's knit in your daily life, instead of a so-called 'fashion photo'."

Walk under the arcade, chill out the arcade, and reach the batting center. Before inserting the coin, Mr. Ayano stands at the turn at bat with the bat in his hand, making a practice swing.

"If you stand there, you'll get hit by a ball." Mr. Wahei speaks to Ayano, who is standing on the home base.

Ayano said, "Huh? Isn't it supposed to stand in this white place?" The bat didn't make a pleasant sound, but Ayano let out a light "Hyuu!" every time she swung.

The last place I visited on this day was the parking lot on the roof of the building. There was something familiar about that landscape. It was the place where the music video for "Togaru" was filmed.

Both the CDs we hold in our hands and the photographs contained therein are recorded in the past. Similarly, the clothes we wear were made by someone in the past. The city is full of things, but they were all made in the past rather than the present moment. When I think about it, I feel like I've been left alone in the present moment, but the people singing that song, the people filming it, the people making that knitwear. , certainly exists in the city of Tokyo in 2019. Feeling this deeply, I looked at the scenery of the shooting.

words by Rinshi Hashimoto