Aran sweater presentation party 2024

NEWS | 2024/01/30

​​The "Aran Sweater Unveiling Party 2024" will be held from March 15th to March 21st this coming spring.

This year's knitwear reflects the changes in nature and the scenery the designer witnessed during her travels to the Baltic States and Scandinavia last fall.

A cloudy sky blue with light shining through, the beige of an 18th century building, the moss green of coniferous trees heading into autumn, and the quiet indigo of the Baltic Sea at night.

Armed with a sample book of Irish wool Donegal Yarns, I created this year's color palette while walking around town and standing in the woods. Grains called NEP are mixed into the yarn, allowing you to discover the true colors of nature that cannot be described with just one color.

​​We have prepared a new motif for the original "Ceramic Button". Adorable creatures such as horses and sheep drawn by wood carvers. You can choose the perfect combination for your knitwear from a variety of adorable buttons in different shapes and colors.

As last year, we chose ``Moriyama Teiaito'' as the venue. A space inside the Moriyama residence, which is known as a famous architectural masterpiece. Gentle sunlight streams in through the large windows into the room, where you can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. I envisioned it being in such a place that I could come across a sweater and wear it through the sleeves. In addition to accepting orders, we will also exhibit the process of making knits and pieces of our journey.

Additionally, as a special event, on March 20th, a national holiday, we will hold a reading by actor Izumi Aoyagi. (Updated on 2/26: Fully booked)

​​It's like a talisman, like a treasure, enveloping the wearer's body and soul. We are preparing to deliver such a first item. We look forward to seeing you on a nice spring day.

“Aran sweater unveiling party 2024”

​​【DATE】*Reservation required

​​March 15, 2024 (Friday) - March 21, 2024 (Thursday) 11:00-19:00


​​Moriyama Tatei Aito/Eito

​​Walk: 15 minutes from JR Kamata Station, 7 minutes from Tokyu Ikegami Line Hasunuma Station Address not disclosed as it is a private residence. Only those who have made a reservation will receive the address via email 3 days before the event.


Visitor reservation page

​​Saturday, February 24, 2024 from 20:00 Registration starts

​​For those who have registered NEWSLETTER , we will inform you of advance reservations one day in advance.


1) Choose your favorite sweater design

2) You can customize the size, yarn coloring, ceramic buttons, foil stamping, etc.

3) Please pay by credit card or bank transfer.

4) With the arrival of winter, deliveries will begin in December 2024 (depending on the type of sweater and order of application, delivery may begin in 2025 or later)


・Vest (NEW) ¥69,300~

・Pocket Cardigan (NEW) ¥93,500〜

・Collared pullover (NEW) ¥143,000~

・Pullover ¥143,000~

・V-neck Cardigan ¥253,000~

*Prices vary depending on customization content


We have 3 types of tickets available⁡
​​・Order reservation ticket (2 hour system)

We will customize the size, thread coloring, ceramic buttons, foil stamping, etc. to create an even more special sweater just for you. This is a reservation frame for those who are willing to purchase.

・Visitor reservation ticket (1 hour system)

Please feel free to try on knitwear and enjoy the exhibits at the venue. Sweaters will be available for purchase at the online order event held at a later date. If there is an order slot available at the time of your visit, you can also order on the day. Please note that detailed customization of buttons, etc. is limited to the venue. If you would like a customization, please select the order reservation ticket.

・Recitation ticket (2 hours)

Izumi Aoyagi, an actor who takes part in the plays of the theater companies ``Mam and Gypsies'' and ``Chelfitsch,'' will read aloud based on the production diary of this year's sweater and words from books related to the Aran Islands. Before and after the event, you can enjoy trying on knitwear . *Updated on 2/26 The reading session is now fully booked.


​​Q. What is a reserved ticket?
A. This is a reserved ticket for coming to the unveiling party. There are no ticket fees or fees except for the reading. Please refrain from visiting for the purpose of architectural tours.
Q. How many people can I bring with me?
​​A. Due to the venue, we will only allow one person to accompany you. If you are traveling with a companion, please write in the notes section of your cart at the time of purchase.
​​Q. I'm undecided about purchasing a sweater. Can I come see it?
A. If you are unsure about purchasing, please select visitor reservation. You can try it on at the venue. If there is an order slot available at the time of your visit, you can also order on the day. Please note that there are no button customization events online. Please note.
​​Q. Where can I purchase it other than the unveiling party?
A. We will be holding an online order event at our online store from 20:00 on Saturday, March 23rd. Since the sweater is completely made to order, there are no plans to release it to the general public in stores or online.
Q. What payment methods are available?
​​A. You can use credit card or bank transfer.
Q. Is there a waiting list for cancellations?
A. When a space becomes available, we will notify you on Instagram Stories.
Q. Can I cancel my reservation?
A. Seats are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel.
​​Q. Is there a limit for one slot?
​​A. We will guide a few people at a time so that you can take your time.
​​Q. Can I bring my children?
A. You can bring up to 1 person. If you are traveling with children, please write in the notes section of your cart at the time of purchase. Also, since this is a space where valuable works are displayed, we would appreciate it if you could be considerate while inside the venue. Please be careful as there are steep stairs.