V-neck Cardigan / WHITE / Delivered at the end of March 2025


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[Size: L / Color: WHITE / Button: Colorful]

After receiving a lot of feedback, this cardigan has become a regular item, with the same thread as last year.

When I visited the Aran Islands for the first time in the middle of winter, I was greeted by the cold and harsh nature where I could only hear the sea breeze and my own breathing. I want to make a sweater that feels like a cloak that will keep your body and soul warm and protected even in these harsh winters. With this in mind, we have created a cardigan that takes about 200 hours to knit.

Chiyoko (73 years old), a veteran knitter, deciphered the difficult to understand old Aran pattern, and there are 416 small, nut-like grains, making this a special piece with a strong presence and packed with detailed patterns.

This piece has a warm, animal-like, weighty feel that can only be expressed by hand-knitted knits, and is truly a handmade work of art. Enjoy it as an outer layer by layering it with shirts, knits, etc.

YUKI FUJISAWA has been shining a new light on vintage Aran knits. In order to knit a sweater from scratch by hand, I went back to the basics and researched old Aran knits. The basis is old vintage Aran knits made before 1960, before entering the mass production phase. Of course, there were no knitting textbooks back then. Supplies were difficult to reach remote islands, so women knitted items using bird feathers and bicycle spokes as tools.

The mysterious construction, which is different from modern Aran knits, shows how the women knitted it with all their heart. The creator's pure motive: ``I want to make something good'' ``I'll knit something I've never seen before.'' Manufacturing begins with such pure feelings. There is inherent creativity in this, and every time I feel the driving force behind creation through knitting, I am encouraged as a maker.

This sweater is highly difficult and there are only a few craftsmen who can knit it, so delivery is scheduled for after spring 2025 .



Recommended for women who want a loose fit like a sweater, and men who want something smaller. The length of the sleeves will be shorter, while maintaining the voluminous feel of the length shown in the photo.

Approximately 1550g Width 52 cm | Length 62 cm | Sleeve length 62 cm


Recommended for men over 170cm. The length will be 3cm longer than the photo shown.

Approximately 1590g Width 58cm | Length 68cm | Sleeve length 81cm



The natural gentle white of unbleached sheep. The classic white color of Aran knit has a classic and calm atmosphere that naturally fits any outfit. The three-dimensional Aran pattern stands out clearly, and it is the color that allows you to enjoy the warm hand-knit feel to the fullest.


The original ceramic buttons were made by the designer himself. For a detailed story, please see "Aran Sweater Production Diary" . At this online reservation event, you can choose the buttons for your sweater.

・Colorful buttons are selected by the designer. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of combination it will be after it arrives.

・Pair it with the color of your natural sweater and use buttons of the same color to create a classic look. The texture and stitches of the thread, which have a beauty that can only be achieved by handiwork, stand out beautifully.


100% wool

This 100% wool yarn has a simple yet beautiful texture, like an old-fashioned Aran sweater. In the Aran Islands, the birthplace of Aran knitting, each household has a history of spinning wool yarn. I was inspired by a ball of yarn I encountered when I first visited his place.

Sheep's wool has high heat retention properties. Expanding the joy of being clothed in the blessings of nature, we have carefully selected threads that have the imperfect beauty of handiwork, as if spun by human hands.

It retains the charm of its texture, giving it a wool-like scent. If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about the comfort of your skin, you can enjoy it with a turtleneck. The wood chips from the plants brought by the sheep and the colorful sheep colors are mixed in. Please enjoy it as a charm of nature. 


You can hand wash it at home with a neutral detergent. We undertake after-sales maintenance such as fixing frayed knits and custom repair of foil after purchase.


-Pre-order products are samples before release, so some specifications may change. There may also be slight individual differences in the foil stamping expression and size. We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of each handcrafted item.

・Female model height 160cm

・Male model Height: 170cm