Handling of tin plate series

It is a surprising plate that is hard metal but soft enough to be bent by hand. Memorize the shape with your own hands and enjoy.

[How to use]

① We will deliver it in a straight flat state.
2. First, bend it by hand to your desired shape only once. (When it bends, it makes a "pick" sound. This is a sound peculiar to tin caused by a change in the crystal structure called "tin cry")
(3) Please read the precautions for use carefully and choose the environment and enjoy it in your favorite place.

【About product】
This product is an art piece plate. It is a tin casting product made of extremely delicate material with a purity of 99.99%. You can enjoy the change of shape because it is a soft metal.
The surface may have small dents or areas with different luster, but this is a feature of the casting method.

[Safety Request]
・Be careful not to burn yourself if you put hot objects on it because of its high heat conductivity.
・ It is a metal with a low melting point. Do not heat directly.
・Cannot be used in a microwave oven, oven range, or freezer.

[Precautions for use]
・This product is an art piece plate. It is not intended for any use other than that stated in the directions for use.
・Although it can be used as tableware, it is mainly produced for viewing purposes. We are not responsible for any troubles that occur during practical use as tableware.
・Tin is a soft metal that can be bent even with a small force, but it cannot be bent at an acute angle like the folds of paper.
・If you repeatedly bend the same place, it may break and break due to metal fatigue.
・Please do not change the shape once bent as it is a very delicate item. We do not recommend changing the shape after the second time, so we are not responsible for any troubles that occur during that time.
・Do not hit with hard or sharp objects. Doing so may scratch the surface.
・Due to its soft nature, it may be greatly deformed due to impact such as dropping.
・Stop using this product if it does not function properly due to damage or deformation.
・Using in hot, humid or cold climates may cause burns, frostbite, or deformation.

[About care]
・After wiping with a soft cloth, wipe with a dry cloth to remove all moisture.
・Cannot be washed with hot water or soaked.
・If it gets dirty, gently wash it with a neutral detergent using a soft sponge.
・Acid or alkaline detergents cannot be used.
・Cleansers, metal brushes, steel wool, etc. cannot be used.
・Keep out of reach of children and pets.