Handling of jewelry

[About basic care]

・After wearing, wipe with a soft, dry cloth (pearl cloth or eyeglass cloth is recommended), and store each item individually in a plastic bag with a zipper. You can prevent sulfuration and keep it in a beautiful state.

・Store out of direct sunlight, extremely dry places, and places with high temperatures and humidity.

・If it gets dirty, gently wash it with a neutral detergent. A soft toothbrush is recommended for fine dirt. After cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth to remove all moisture.

・Avoid alcohol disinfection.

・If you would like maintenance or repair, please contact us from here .

[About tin material ear cuffs]

・Tin is a soft metal that can be bent with a small force, but it cannot be bent at an acute angle like paper. Please note that if the same place is repeatedly deformed, it will be damaged due to metal fatigue.

・Due to its soft nature, it may be greatly deformed due to impact such as dropping.

[About Pearl]

・Be careful not to touch other jewelry as the surface is easily scratched.

・Since the material is sensitive to sweat, please wipe it with a dry soft cloth after wearing.

・Maintenance by liquid cleaning is not possible.

[About silver]

・It reacts with sulfur in the air and becomes blackish and sulfurized. Please maintain it with liquid cleaning for exclusive use of the silver.

[Requests for use]

・Plating products, painted products, and silver products may change in color tone or the coating may lift and peel off over time.

・Be careful not to damage your body or items as they are made of metal.

・Wearing in hot, humid or cold climates may cause burns or frostbite.

・Stop using this product if it does not function properly due to damage or deformation.

・Do not use if you have metal allergies, sensitive skin, skin diseases, or atopic dermatitis to prevent skin problems.

・Should you observe an abnormality such as swelling or itchiness on your skin, discontinue use and consult a specialist.