6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

6/24 - 6/30 eatrip soil @ Omotesando GYRE4F

Story of [Aran Sweater 2023]

NEWS | 2023/04/15

The existence of a hand-knit that is born with someone in mind as much as the number of stitches and steps. Designer Fujisawa continues to be inspired by Aran knit, which originated in Ireland.

In 2023, we will unveil the long-awaited sweater. You can customize the color, size, pockets and ceramic buttons on the sweater of your choice.

The mittens/mufflers/knit hats that have been well received every year have also been redesigned.

The online reservation session is until April 30th (Sun). The delivery time is the winter of 23 and the winter of 24.

We have kept you waiting for a while because each one is hand-knitted by a craftsman, but we would be happy if you could look forward to it as a gift for the coming winter.

[3 types of Aran sweaters]

1 [Aran Sweater / Inis Mór]

The first item in the collection is a pullover sweater.

The land that was once cultivated by someone is now green, and small flowers are blowing in the sea breeze. Inspired by the scenery seen in the Aran Islands in summer, this sweater bears the name of the island "Inis Mór".

The Aran Islands, the birthplace of Arannit, are subject to strong winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, and when people arrived around 2500 B.C., the land was desolate and had no soil. Aran knit has been woven with the thought of caring for someone in the midst of nature where life is at risk.

What is Arannit? I returned to the question, and while reading and deciphering many foreign books and researching early fisherman knits again, what caught my eye was a sweater knitted in the 1930s and stored in the National Museum in Ireland. is. Inspired by Gandhi, this sweater has a unique feature with different patterns on the front and back. The Gandhi sweater was originally knitted for the men of the sea, so it is made to be worn both front and back, front and back even on a dark night voyage.

With respect to Gandhi knit, the origin of Aran knit, “Inis Mór” has no front and back, and both can be worn in the front. A day with a classical Aran pattern, a day with white flowers. You can enjoy changing your outfit depending on your mood.

2 [Cardigan/Galway]

When I visited the Aran Islands for the first time in the middle of winter, I was greeted by a cold and harsh nature where I could only hear the sea breeze and my own breathing. This is a special item with a presence that was born from the desire to create a sweater like a cloak that will keep your body and mind warm even in these harsh winters.

Chiyoko (73 years old), a veteran knitter, deciphered the difficult old Aran pattern, and 416 small grains like nuts were completed, and it took about 200 hours to finish knitting one cardigan.

It is a piece of handwork work of art, with a solid and profound feeling like a warm creature that can only be expressed by hand-knitted knit. Enjoy it as an outer layer by layering it with a shirt or knitwear.

YUKI FUJISAWA has been shedding new light on vintage aran knitwear. This time, in order to knit a sweater from scratch by Mr. Knitter's hand, I went back to the origin and researched the old Aran knit. The basis is an old vintage aran knit made before 1960 and before entering the mass production phase. Of course, there were no knitting textbooks at that time. It was difficult to get supplies to the remote islands, so women used bird feathers and bicycle spokes as tools to knit knitwear.

The mysterious creation, which is different from the modern aran knit, shows the figure of women knitting with all their heart. The creator's pure motives--"I want to make good things" and "I'll knit something I've never seen before." Manufacturing begins with such a pure feeling. That's where the original creativity lies, and every time I feel the driving force of creation from knitwear, I've been encouraged as a creator. In gratitude for my encounter with Aran knit, I named this cardigan "Galway", a port town that is the starting point for the Aran Islands.

3 [Pocket cardigan/ ARAN / SHEEP / BUTTERFLY&FLOWER ]

Sheep that give us the warm blessings of nature, butterflies flapping their wings freely around flowers, old Aran patterns that match pullovers... A cardigan featuring a ceramic button that allows you to choose a pocket with a lovely pattern.

The plain knitted fabric is easy to match with a variety of outfits, and is also light and warm. You can fully enjoy the texture of wool with a soft texture.

Among this collection, this cardigan has an atmosphere that will be loved for a long time regardless of gender and age, and was named "Dublin", the center of Ireland where the old and new are gently mixed.


The original ceramic button was made by the designer himself. For a detailed story, please see "Aran sweater production diary" . At this online reservation session, you can choose the sweater button.

・Button Random

The designer selects the color of the button that suits each sweater. I can't wait to see what kind of combination it will be after it arrives.

・Button white

The fluctuation of the glaze creates an exquisite grayish tone gradation. It's a shade that goes well with any color sweater.

button brown

It has a warm and natural atmosphere, like the wood buttons on vintage knitwear.

[Delivery time]

We are sorry to keep you waiting for a while because it is hand-knitted, but we would appreciate it if you could wait for the coming winter. We will close the order as soon as we reach the upper limit because each item is woven by the hand of the craftsman.

Delivered sequentially from December 2023

・[Pocket cardigan / ARAN / SHEEP / BUTTERFLY&FLOWER ]

Delivered sequentially from winter 2024

[Aran Sweater / Inis Mór]

[Cardigan / Galway]

We will inform you about the estimated delivery time for these two items around May 23. We will knit in the order you applied.

[A sweater that grows over time]

This new sweater is based on the premise that it will grow with time. When handing over for the first time, the foil stamping design is more modest than the previous collection.

After the sweater is delivered, we decided to set up an “opportunity to layer the foil” from the next year onwards. In the first winter, I enjoy the “as is” design of the Aran sweater. Then, 3 or 5 years after that, I hope that you will repeat the new sparkle at the right time. This project was started with the hope that the sweaters you receive will continue to shine with the passage of time, along with their users.

・Foil stamping on YUKI FUJISAWA sweaters will be accepted once a year for a fee.

・After-sales maintenance is limited to YUKI FUJISAWA items.

・ The first announcement is scheduled for late summer 2024. Please wait for announcements on the official Instagram and website.



Unbleached sheep's original gentle white. The classic white color of Aran knit has a classical and calm atmosphere that fits naturally with any outfit. The three-dimensional Aran pattern stands out clearly, and it is a color that you can enjoy the warm knit likeness of hand-knitted.

・GREEN (new color)

The salty, ash green was inspired by the grass color of the Aran Islands in summer. By mixing earthy brown yarn, it expresses the atmosphere of nature. The green that has just sprouted gently illuminates your winter outfit.


Navy like indigo dyeing with shadows. By weaving together threads that have been dyed in slightly different tones, we have created a deep navy blue that seems to emit light from within. It looks like the bottom of the deep sea or a rocky surface wet with rough waves. It is a popular color regardless of gender.

・PINK (new color)

It's a calm and serene pink color. I was particular about the elegant colors that I can walk together strongly every year from now on. Inspired by the colors of the pretty flowers I saw in the Aran Islands.

The sweater, muffler, and mittens have matching colors, so you can coordinate them and use them together.


A 100% wool yarn with a rustic yet beautiful texture like an old-fashioned Aran sweater. In the Aran Islands, the birthplace of Aran knit, each family has a history of spinning sheep yarn. I was inspired by the ball of yarn I met when I first visited his place.

Sheep wool has high heat retention. We have selected threads with imperfect beauty due to handwork, as if they were spun by human hands, expanding the joy of wearing the blessings of nature.

Because it retains the charm of the texture, it has a wool-like scent. For those with sensitive skin who are concerned about the comfort of their skin, it is safe to enjoy it with a turtleneck. There is a mix of plant scraps brought by sheep and a variety of sheep colors. Enjoy it as the charm of nature.

[What is Alan knit? ]

Aran knit has been handed down for nearly 100 years as a hand-knitted sweater on the small island of Ireland's Aran Islands. Even if you look around the world today, there are really few areas where the traditional culture of handicrafts remains.

I've come across many hand-knitted sweaters that have been lovingly crafted by someone and still shine after decades. "Even after 30 or 40 years, I want it to warm someone's heart." With this in mind, YUKI FUJISAWA is particular about Aran knit, which can only be expressed by hand-knitting.

[We are undertaking item maintenance]

All knit items can be hand washed at home with a mild detergent.

In addition, YUKI FUJISAWA accepts after-sales maintenance such as fraying of knitwear after purchase and order repair of foil so that you can enjoy "changing with time". Because we are hands-on craftsmen in our atelier, we would like to spend time with you so that you can use our products for a long time.

[Reservations until April 30]

The ONLINE reservation will be open from April 15th (Sat) 20:00 to April 30th (Sun) 23:59. Since each piece is hand-knitted by a craftsman, it will be sold out as soon as it reaches a certain number.

We hope that you will look forward to meeting hand-knitted items like “friends” with whom you will spend a long time together.

[* Added on 4/22]

I will answer the weight of the question on the instagram live.

Sweater weight (approx.)

・Pocket cardigan
S 800g
M 800g
L 1000g

S 1400g
M 1500g
L 1600g

・Aran Sweater
S 900g
M 1100g
L 1200g