Lace Sweatshirts/21 (M)


Nearly 50 years later, a French vintage sweatshirt has been reborn as a piece that can be loved over time.

A generous amount of lace is applied to the base of the collar, creating an elegant atmosphere in a casual atmosphere. The expression changes depending on the item you match, and the width of your outfit will expand.
The soft fleece lining is smooth to the touch, making it a sweatshirt that can be used for a long time from early autumn to early spring.

In order to leave traces of time, such as small holes in the body, I gently layered foil on the scars and kintsugi .

At YUKI FUJISAWA, we perceive the fact that things change over time differently for each person as an aesthetic, and one of our concepts is the change that appears over time.

We also accept orders for foil repairs so that customers can respect the fact that things change over time. It is a series that can grow into a special item just for you over time .


Reference size: Women's M size

・Width about 44 - 51cm

・Length (from the back of the neck to the hem) about 62 - 73 cm

(model height 160cm)

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*Because the product is made from used materials, there may be minor damage that cannot be captured in the photo. Please note.


YUKI FUJISAWA embraces the beauty in how something can uniquely change over time with its owner, and makes that a key concept for the brand's products. The "NEW VINTAGE" series applies foil prints and dyes to vintage pieces to bring new value. an order repair service so the owner can continue their journey, nursing the items for their own liking over a long period of time. Each item is one-of-a-kind, and we hope you find that special piece for you.

44 - 51" (H) x 62 - 73" (L)