Collared Balaclava|WHITE



This year's new item is a knit hat with a collar. The cape with tulip flowers and roots as frills gives a lovely and poetic impression. The cape that spreads gently to the shoulders gently wraps around the body and brings excitement .

2WAY specification that becomes a hoodie when the hat is taken off. We also paid particular attention to the shape of the hood, which looks beautiful from any angle. It features a YUKI FUJISAWA original silhouette arranged in the shape of a balaclava called a balaclava. It gently wraps your body around your ears, neck, and behind your head, giving you the comfort of being wrapped in a single futon.

By designing a long muffler, the vertical accent that hangs down for a long time balances with the large cape collar, giving it a cute yet smart impression.

The knot is devised for silhouette and function. I made a hole through the muffler so that the left and right lengths are even. If you pass it alternately on the left and right, you will get a perfect and beautiful knot. It keeps you warm by holding it tight and protects you from the cold winter winds.


Scheduled to be delivered in December 2022



Speaking of Aran knit, it is a classic off-white color. The three-dimensional Aran pattern stands out clearly, and it is a color that you can enjoy the warm knit likeness of hand-knitted.

・New color/SKY BLUE

It is a light blue that imagines the calm winter sky that spreads outside the window. The tranquil color with a hint of grey-green evokes the natural landscapes of Ireland. It sparkles as a bright presence in your winter outfit.

・New color/GREIGE

The light greige with a beige tone is familiar to the skin and is recommended for those who like a calm look. From mode to casual, it is an exquisite color that fits perfectly with any outfit.


70% wool / 30% acryl

We value the selection of materials so that you can use them every day. 70% merino wool, which has high heat retention among wool, and 30% high-quality soft acrylic are mixed. Both warmth and texture are good.

The fluffy and light yarn can be used for a long time from the winter season to the chilly early spring. The knit hat we released last year was very well received for its texture, so we chose the same one as last year.

Furthermore, the charm of this thread is that it clearly shows the knitted fabric. The plump and beautiful knitting pattern peculiar to Aran knit is a special pattern among knits that can be expressed only by hand knitting.


About height 49cm/face circumference 53.5cm/hat width 20cm/cape width 15cm/neck circumference 36cm/string length 34cm/string width 5cm


Hand washable with neutral detergent at home


Hand-knitted/original Aran pattern

Individual differences in size may occur due to hand knitting. Please understand that it is a texture unique to handcraft.