How to Care

We recommend maintenance at home so that you can use your YUKI FUJISAWA items in a beautiful condition for a long time. If you have any questions about handling, please feel free to contact us.


At YUKI FUJISAWA, we regard the various changes to each item over time as an aesthetic, and one of the concepts is the transformative nature of foil prints. Please enjoy how your foil prints age in unique ways.

Foil has a property of changing over time. It may fall off through excessive rubbing or application of friction, and will gradually fade through repeated wearing and washing.

Sweat and sunscreen can cause changes in the foil. Therefore, please wash immediately after each wear.

Items that have been re-dyed may transfer color to other clothing. When wearing, try matching the inner layer and bottoms with the same color as the item or a darker color. Please be careful about rubbing of bags.

We recommend hand washing with a neutral detergent. The trick is to wash your hands gently with a mild detergent.

  1. After turning it over, gently push and wash it by hand with a neutral detergent.
  2. Rinse well in plenty of water several times
  3. Put it in the net, spin dry it in the washing machine for about 30 seconds, turn it over and dry it in the shade (in the case of knits, lay it flat so that it does not stretch)
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly before storing in a well-ventilated place

・ Only neutral detergent can be used.
・ Please avoid the "hand-washing course" of the washing machine as it may cause peeling.
・ The temperature should be around 20 degrees and hot water cannot be used.
・ Do not leave it immersed in water
・ Be sure to wash the item separately as it may cause color transfer.
・ For dyed items, excess dye may be removed at the beginning.

Petroleum-based dry cleaning can be used, but the foil is not permanent and has the property of changing over time through chemical reactions. For this reason, YUKI FUJISAWA recommends that customers take care of the items themselves and keep an eye for changes over time.

There is a risk that the cleaning method and the strength of the cleaning power will differ depending on the laundry service, causing changes in the foil. Please use these services with that in mind.


We accept repairs of the foil so that you can repeatedly enjoy the aging process of the prints. The foil can be repaired as it was, but we also recommend that you give your items a breath of new life by changing the color of the foil, and start the aging process again.

If you wish to order a repair, click here.


Each vintage item is thoroughly cleaned and repaired, however, due to the aged nature of the material, please understand that there may be slight scratches and stains, and will not be comparable to a brand new product. Moreover, the fabric is more delicate due to aging, so be careful not to apply excessive force


The 2015/2019 Aran Knit expresses the shades of two rounds of dyeing. When you wash it, the dyed color that is dyed twice will settle down and the color will change.


    Wool contains sulfur and has the property of darkening against metal materials and aluminum (foil). There are individual differences in the aging of the foil, given that some sheep contain a large amount of sulfur than others.

    Therefore, we recommend maintenance twice a year before and after the season (before autumn / near the end of winter). Good care will prevent the foil from changing so you can enjoy your items for a longer period.


    The foil may change in a hot and humid environment. Please avoid storing your items in a plastic bag and make sure to store it in a well-ventilated place. Chlorine-based insect repellents cannot be used.
    Be careful not to place it near the stove as it may change color due to nitrogen oxide gas generated from the stove.



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